Play Wizard101 Game for Free

Play Wizard101 Game for Free


Download Wizard101 Game for Windows PC

Wizard101 is an online Wizard game set of Ravenwood Academy. 

Wizard101 game was developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, a subsidiary of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. The game was announced in 2007 and launched in September 2009. 

Wizard101: What Is It?

W101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines a lot of Wizard games: elements of fantasy and adventure, and features puzzles and Wizard101 trivia quests. The game has been described as "an online version of the Harry Potter franchise".


Players can choose from eight schools of magic (Air, Fire, Ice, Life, Myth, Death, Storm, and Balance) and can also choose from one of the three realms (the Dragon, the Unicorn, or the Phoenix). As players progress in the game, they can purchase a variety of pets, houses, clothes, and other items. Players can also earn various achievements and can challenge other players in the PvP Arena.

In the game, players create a character avatar, which they use to travel to other worlds. The game contains a number of quests and adventures, which feature puzzles and battles. Players can duel with other players, join guilds, and buy pets and houses.

Graphics and Sound

Wizard101 play game has a 3D environment and characters. This is a first for the Wizard franchise.

The sound in Wizard 101 is also a first for the Wizard franchise. The audio has been completely overhauled using a new audio engine. It is composed by WaterTower Music, the same company that does music for video games like the Kingdom Hearts series, Spyro the Dragon, and the Skylanders series.

List of Features and Functions:

  1. Customized Gameplay 
  2. Private Chat (Family Chat)
  3. Search and Saving Functions
  4. Option to Play Wizard101 in Windowed mode 
  5. Option to Select Resolution of game
  6. Casting Spells
  7. Pet System
  8. PvP Arena
  9. Chatting
  10. World Map
  11. Gardening and Fishing
  12. Questing
  13. Clans
  14. Pet Arena (PvE only)


Wizard101 is a game that will give you fun for a long time and will not cause addiction. If you have not tried it then you should do it and play Wizard101 for free. Do you have any questions before you starting this game? 

Is Wizard101 a virus?

No, Wizard101 is not a virus and does not contain any malicious content that can cause harm to your computer.

How to download Wizard101 and to install Wizard101 on a computer?

Wizard101 can be installed by clicking the button Wizard101 Download and by following the instructions provided by the download page. It`s relly easy to download Wizard101. Wizard101 PC Download is free. You can download Wizard101 for Windows and MAC.

How do you get Wizard101 codes?

This is a great question! If you want to get codes for Wizard101, you can use a Wizard101 Code Generator. This generator will generate a code for you, and you can use this code to unlock all sorts of goodies like pets, mounts, and other items.

How do I create and log into my Wizard101 account in the game?

When you start Wizard101, you will be asked to log into your account. You can enter your user name and password and press the Enter key. If you do not have an account, you can create one by pressing the Create New Account button.

How do I change my Wizard101 password or my Wizard101 user name?

You can change your password or your Wizard101 user name by pressing the Change Password /  Change User Name buttons on the log-in screen.

Does W101 have a Wizard101 free membership?

Wizard101 membership is free for all players.


It is an amazing game and if you like Harry Potter then you will definitely like this game. It's not like other games. There is a lot of quests in it and it's worth playing. Just download Wizard!

Play Wizard101 Game for Free